How Secure Is Your Foundation?

Ask about our home foundation stabilization & repair services in Sedalia, MO

A strong and steady foundation is essential, so don't put off your foundation repairs longer than you have to. Partner with Affordable Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Sedalia, MO for professional foundation repair services.

Our foundation expert can handle:

  • Epoxy injection crack repairs
  • I-beam stabilization and wall leveling
  • Sump pump and drain installations
  • Floor leveling and stabilization

If your foundation is cracked, your entire structure is a risk. Contact us right away to schedule your home foundation stabilization service, and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Trust our process

Does your crawl space retain a lot of moisture? Do your walls or floors shake or sag? Chances are you're dealing with some type of foundation damage.

When you choose us for 24-hour emergency foundation repair services, we will:

  • Dig around your foundation to install new interior and exterior drains
  • Spray at least two inches of foam as a moisture barrier onto your foundation.
  • Backfill using gravel instead of dirt
  • Install new beams to better stabilize the walls

Don't take a chance on your foundation. Reach out to us right away to get home foundation stabilization services.

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